Attendance Information/Procedures


I look forward to serving you and your student this school year. Please follow the guidelines below to assure your child’s correct attendance records. You may also refer to your Student Handbook for more details and attendance procedures.

Thank you,
Katrina Wilhelmsen, Attendance Secretary
Kleb Intermediate School

Fax #832-249-5507

Student Absences:
We are required to have a note or email from the Parent/Guardian for each absence within five (5) days of the absence. The note is needed to verify the absence as an excused absence. Unfortunately, we will not be able to accept a phone call as documentation of your child's absence. We appreciate your call, and we strongly encourage you to continue to notify the attendance office of your child's absence, however, we now also require a written note or email within 5 days of the absence. Please refer to the Student Handbook Intermediate School 2018-2019 pages 25-34. Any absence not verified by a note from a student's parent or guardian within five (5) days will be considered an unexcused absence.

Please send the note or email to the attendance office and include the following:

Student's first and last name
Date of absence
Reason for absence
Signature of Parent/Guardian
Date note was written

If you have any questions, please feel free to call.

Early Dismissals:
If your child needs an early dismissal, please send a note with your child to the attendance office before first period. We must have written permission of the parent or guardian who signed the enrollment card before a student can leave campus with any person other than the parent or guardian. Any one picking up a student must be 18 or older with valid , current picture ID. For emergency dismissals call 832-249-5495. Parents and guardians must also be prepared to show your valid current, picture ID to pick up your child.

Doctor’s Notes:
Students that attend classes part of the day and leave school for a medical or dental appointment may have that absence removed in any classes missed if he/she brings a note from the attending physician to attendance within 5 days of the absence day. Receipts will not be accepted. If your child was absent for a full day or longer and saw a doctor, please bring the doctors note with the days to be excused. It is not necessary for a student to have a note from a doctor each time he/she is ill. However, parent notification is required. Please send a note to the attendance office upon your students return to school.

If your student arrives to school after 8:41 in the morning they must check into the attendance office to receive a pass to class. They are considered absent to first period after 9:15. After this time, please either personally sign your student in, email at the above address or send them with a note/Dr. note.

Excessive Absences:

The state compulsory attendance law allows for legal action, if necessary, for excessive absences. If the number of absences exceeds 18 in any school year (9 days per semester for high school credit courses) one of the following will be required in order to receive academic credit unless waived by the attendance committee.

  • Illness of the student as verified by a doctor’s written statement showing the dates of absence.
  • A parent’s written request for a homebound teacher.
  • Extenuating circumstances approved by the campus attendance committee consisting of the principal and two classroom teachers.
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